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A shared vision and commitment to fast track the future of mobility unites China’s ICONIQ Motors and W Motors as sister entities in an ambitious partnership that is pushing the global agenda for autonomous and electric vehicle development.

The next wave of sustainable design is taking to the streets with a bold declaration of intent to transform the way we travel with a futuristic automotive duo that will drive the transportation needs of the next generation.



The brainchild of Chinese entrepreneur Alan Wu and Ralph Debbas, ICONIQ Motors was established in 2016 with the long-term goal of developing accessible, electric passenger vehicles of the future to satisfy burgeoning demand from the world’s number one electric vehicle (EV) market and beyond.

This symbiotic relationship between ICONIQ Motors and W Motors draws on the inherent expertise and market knowledge of both companies, with the game-changing brand alliance already yielding remarkable results in the form of the ICONIQ SEVEN smart passenger vehicle (SPV) and MUSE Autonomous Car.

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The Company

Collaborative partnerships with world-leading engineering and technology brands including AKKA Technologies, Magna Steyr and Microsoft is accelerating our shared development vision and cementing our credibility as a key player in the future of global electric and autonomous vehicle development.

With international expertise available at both ICONIQ Motors’ offices and facilities in Beijing, Shanghai and Tianjin and W Motors presence in Dubai, we offer a turnkey project management suite of services. The future of mobility is in our hands.



As part of our alliance and journey with ICONIQ Motors to deliver solutions for future mobility needs, we are now producing a fully autonomous car.



In addition to developing its own supercars, W Motors developed the first vehicle for China-based sister company ICONIQ Motors - the ICONIQ Seven, a fully electric multipurpose vehicle.