New GHIATH editions unveiled during the World Police Summit

March 07, 2024

Ghiath editions at World Police Summit
Ghiath city patrol and smart patrol at World Police Summit
Ghiath Interior at World Police Summit
Ghiath editions at World Police Summit 2024
We are proud to announce the launch of the new GHIATH editions, unveiled earlier during the World Police Summit that took place at the Dubai World Trade Center.

Introducing the GHIATH Smart Patrol, GHIATH City Patrol, and GHIATH First Responder vehicles, all set to bolster the Dubai Police fleet with cutting-edge technology and unmatched capabilities.

GHIATH Smart Patrol:
The new generation of GHIATH Smart Patrol vehicles continues to redefine law enforcement standards. From its exterior, equipped with front-facing takedown lights, infrared roof cameras, and advanced surveillance systems, to its interior boasting AUX screens, driver behaviour camera, and dispatcher app, the GHIATH Smart Patrol ensures unparalleled safety and efficiency. With features like the Whelen siren system, digital mirror, and ADAS ANPR cameras, officers are equipped for any situation. Enhanced by smart seatbelts, rear police cage, and reinforced door panels, along with practical additions like captain seats, water-resistant rear seats, and a drawer system, the GHIATH Smart Patrol represents the pinnacle of technology and functionality in policing vehicles, ensuring Dubai Police remain at the forefront of innovation.

GHIATH City Patrol:
Designed for VIP and special events, the GHIATH City Patrol will be used to transport VIPs, high-profile personalities, and government officials. Its sleek exterior features include a pushbar for function and aesthetic appeal, side steps for easy access, and off-road tires for versatility in various terrains. Inside, passengers enjoy the comfort of captain seats and third-row seating, along with a host of advanced technologies. The AUX screens offer navigation assistance, Apple CarPlay connectivity, and a dashcam display for enhanced convenience and safety. Additional interior features include a driver behaviour camera, Whelen siren system, switch pack for easy access to essential functions, digital mirror for improved visibility, and an ADAS ANPR cameras for comprehensive surveillance.

GHIATH First Responder:
The GHIATH First Responder Vehicle stands at the forefront of emergency response, swiftly dispatched in the event of any critical incidents, ensuring the fastest possible reaction time. This multifunctional vehicle serves as a beacon of safety and security, equipped to handle a spectrum of requirements, ranging from providing immediate first aid response to bolstering security and law enforcement efforts. The GHIATH First Responder is equipped with advanced surveillance features including front-facing takedown lights and multiple ANPR/surveillance cameras for comprehensive monitoring. With a suspension upgrade and off-road tires, it's ready for rugged terrain, complemented by a push bar and winch for versatility. Inside, gun mounts and AUX screens provide various views, while a driver behaviour camera, dispatcher app, and safety features like the Whelen siren system and ADAS ANPR cameras ensure efficient coordination and surveillance. Captain seats, an Android Tablet for access to the Dubai Police Dispatcher System, and a specially designed drawer system offer comfort and functionality, with polycarbonate glass protection for added safety.
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