About us


W Motors was born out of the desire to harmonize form and function. The drive to tame the roaring beast within, to draw from its roughness something truly refined. We may spend countless hours toiling away in design, engineering and production, but we do not just produce luxury sports cars.

What we produce is a paint stroke, an inimitable masterpiece that takes on the life we so feverishly breathe into – each completely different from the next.

Because we trust that the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams, we have decided to realize our dream and remind the world of what luxury truly is.

W Motors SAL is the first developer of high-performance luxury sports cars in the Middle East, catering to Ultra High Net Worth individuals.

Based in Dubai since 2012, the company’s vision is to become a fully-integrated high-performance luxury sports cars producer with activities ranging from car design and research to development and manufacturing.

Led by a highly experienced management team with deep experience in car design, development, as well as sales and marketing, W Motors has produced one of the most luxurious, exclusive and technologically advanced vehicles on the market.

Having established unparalleled technical and production partnerships with leading automotive engineering and manufacturing companies, W Motors is accredited as an official automotive manufacturer by TUV (Official European Homologation Department).