The W Motors Lifestyle

Our clients are used to the best and nothing else, with such occupied lives and no time to spare only the best will do and we assure it not only through the innovation, technology and craftsmanship we input in our products but also by the service we provide and partnerships we form.


One of the features included in our vehicles is the built-in personal concierge service and to provide the best service and fulfil any desire of our clients. For such an important task we trust only the best, that’s the reason we partnered with the leading company regarding luxury lifestyle management and concierge services – Quintessentially.
The London based company was established in the turn of the millennium and since then became the standard for luxury concierge services around the world, being distinguished with several awards over the years and ultimately becoming a synonym of luxury concierge.


Franck Muller

Because the lifestyle characterising the W Motors clients always aims to feature the best of the best, Franck Muller was an obvious choice when looking for a partner who would offer the most intricate time piece complications and also someone as passionate about his craft as we are for ours. The brand from Geneva is a perfect example of how an independent brand becomes a symbol of luxury and exclusivity, independently owned and established in 1991 the watchmaking house has created the most complex time-pieces in the world with over 1483 components and 36 complications. From the close relationship between both brands since the birth of W Motors, the Lykan model came to life, an exclusive piece created only for the owners of the Lykan HyperSport.


Encelade 1789

Our most recent partner, Encelade 1789, is named after a moon of Saturn and born out of the passion for excellence of two siblings, the french brand shares the values of innovation, independence and craftsmanship with W Motors. The result of our partnership came to fruition with a limited edition of the Gyros cufflinks, the “Gyroscope W Motors” made out of white gold and featuring a signature movement patented by Encelade.


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