The History

    July 11th, 2012

    Foundation of the Company

    The stepping stone of W Motors was set in Beirut, Lebanon and the chosen venue reflected the vision of exclusivity and luxury set by Ralph Debbas since the beginning - The Sursock Palace. The high-society of Lebanon along with many foreign VIP guests flocked to the invite-only event to see some of the first Lykan HyperSport sketches and to have a glimpse of what W Motors came to be nowadays.

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    January 1st, 2013

    From Beirut to Dubai

    It was early 2013 when the decision to move the company headquarters from Lebanon to the United Arab Emirates took place, a move inspired by the development of the city and appreciation of luxury that is characteristic of Dubai.

    January 29th, 2013

    Lykan HyperSport - The Concept

    The Qatar International Motor Show has been the stage of several iconic unveils over the years, but none as remarkable as the one of the first Arab Hypercar in history. It was on the 29th of January 2013 when the Lykan HyperSport went from a 3D picture to a reality in the eyes of the public with the world debut of the first non-drivable concept car created by W Motors.

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    April 9th, 2013

    The Wolf in the Museum

    After introducing the concept car at the motor show, W Motors was invited to show the Lykan HyperSport at The Historical, Vintage and Classic Car Museum in Kuwait. As landmark in Arab automotive history, the Lykan stood at the main museum exhibition hall, where its modernity and aggressiveness contrasted with all the classic automobiles present

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    May 5th, 2013

    The Lykan Seen for the First Time in the UAE

    A few months after moving to Dubai, it was time to show the marvel of the Lykan HyperSport. The Dubai International Boat Show was the place chosen for such a remarkable happening. Alongside the most magnificent yachts, the Lykan stole the show and raised curiosity among enthusiast and experts from both the automotive and yachting world.

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    May 28th, 2013

    First W Motors Private Event in Europe

    The year of 2013 was also when W Motors first stepped into Europe. For this, the Lykan HyperSport concept was transported from Dubai to the Garage Vandenberghe Vichte in Belgium, where a private event was held and several guests could see the Hypercar for the first time.

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    November 9th, 2013

    The Production Lykan HyperSport was Revealed at the Dubai International Motor Show

    The pre-production Lykan HyperSport was Revealed at the 2013 Dubai International Motor Show. The new home of W Motors, was the chosen destination to introduce the Lykan HyperSport to the world. The Dubai International Motor Show has been the place to see the most extraordinary cars in the Middle East for more than 20 years. Alongside the Royal Blue concept car, the pre-production Lykan HyperSport was revealed and it immediately stole the show. Besides the unveiling of the car, this show also marked W Motors history because it was the place where the first images of the Fenyr SuperSport concept car were teased to the public.

    December 14th, 2013

    First Track Test

    After presenting the drivable pre-production Lykan HyperSport to the world, it was time to take it to the race-track and see what it was capable of. The chosen track was the Dubai Autodrome and after several hours at the track, the opinion was unanimous - the Hypercar deserved its title.


    April 6th, 2014

    First Working Prototype of the Lykan revealed in Monaco

    After more than two years of development, the production-ready Lykan HyperSport had its European debut at the principate of Monaco. The car was presented at the Top Marques Monaco Auto Show and it was the flagship car of the event, during the show Ralph Debbas had the opportunity to present it to the public and especially to H.R.H. Albert II, the Prince of Monaco. Monaco and the french riviera were also the stage for a grand production where the Lykan HyperSport was photographed for the first time in the exterior.

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    December 17th, 2014

    YAS Marina Circuit Private Event

    December 2014 was the time to show our customers, guests and friends the wonders of the Lykan HyperSport in the track. For this purpose, W Motors held a private event at the YAS Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi, UAE. At the event, several partnerships for the next few years were announced, followed by a cocktail reception and the opportunity not only to see the Lykan HyperSport perform on the track but also to ride in the car itself.

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    March 3rd, 2015

    Dubai Boat Show 2015

    The Dubai Boat Show has become one of the most relevant social events in Dubai for the past years with thousands of visitors and VIP guests. Hosted at the Dubai International Marina Club Mina Seyahi, the 23rd edition of the show included once again W Motors. During the show, not only the visitors but also VIP guests had the rare chance to see the Lykan HyperSport at the Supercar Promenade.

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    March 26th, 2015

    Fast & Furious 7

    The year 2015 was a memorable one for W Motors, reaching new heights in terms of popularity after taking center stage in a key scene of the blockbuster movie Furious 7. This was the result of a collaboration between Universal Studios and W Motors, providing them with ten exclusive replicas to be used in the movie. The record-breaking movie shot the Lykan HyperSport into mass media popularity along with W Motors.

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    April 22nd, 2015

    The Lykan in China

    For the first time, the Lykan HyperSport and W Motors were present in China. As a result of a partnering agreement between W Motors and Elite Exclusive Group, two Lykan HyperSport were shown at the Shanghai Motor Show.

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    August 5th, 2015

    USA Tour

    After Eastern Asia, it was time to conquer the Americas. In August the Lykan stepped on American soil for the first time and showed its grace among several super and classic cars at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. After the concourse and by the hand of our partner in the US, Royal Motors, the Lykan also had the opportunity to show its fangs on a VIP event held at the St. Regis Bal Harbour Resort in Miami, organized by the W Motors partner in the USA, Royal Motor Cars.

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    November 10th, 2015

    The Fenyr SuperSport is Unveiled

    A new landmark was established on the 10th of November 2015 at the 23rd edition of Dubai International Motor Show. A landmark not only in the history of W Motors but also for the Arab automotive industry, with the unveiling of our second supercar model – The Fenyr SuperSport. A supercar focused on the high-performance aspect without compromising the exclusivity and luxury associated with W Motors from the beginning.

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    March 3rd, 2016

    First Time in Geneva

    2016 started with a bang for W Motors with our first event being the acclaimed International Geneva Motor Show in Switzerland. Displayed for the first time in the country and by invitation of renowned automotive manufacturer Magna International, the Lykan HyperSport was on display for more than 690 thousand people who attended the show during the ten days.

    March 16th, 2016

    Back to Turin

    Our hypercars are true works-of-art, the result of uncountable hours of work and the embodiment of someone's vision. Because of it, a museum is an excellent fit to display such an artwork and after an invitation by one of the leading automotive museums in the world, Turin's Museo Nazionale dell'Automobile in Italy, we proudly accepted to showcase our mythic Lykan HyperSport. Initially planned to last only a couple weeks it ended up being extended for almost four months by popular demand.

    June 8th, 2016

    Parco Valentino

    After more than five years the W Motors Lykan HyperSport was finally displayed for the first time in Turin, the town where the wolf was born. The city that holds the largest myths and histories from the automotive world was the stage for our Lykan during the second edition of Parco Valentino, an outdoors initiative gathering more than 650 thousand enthusiasts from all over Italy.

    August 15th, 2016

    2016 Monterey Car Week

    To visit the USA during Summer starts to be a tradition for W Motors, in August 2016 we headed once again to California and participated in one of the most prestigious automotive gatherings in North America: Monterey Car Week. During the week of events, which included McCall and many others, we hosted a series of demonstrations at the W Motors Estate in Carmel where our cars were displayed privately to clients, experts and other influential individuals from the industry.

    August 31st, 2016

    The VIP Event in Miami

    To close our USA tour we headed to the East Coast, more particularly to the city of Miami where we hosted an exclusive unveiling party for the Fenyr SuperSport with many guests: from local influencers, personalities from the automotive universe to loyal clients. A night filled with excitement and curiosity where the Fenyr SuperSport and the Lykan HyperSport were the main stars.

    Eyes on Design in Detroit

    18 April 2017

    Shanghai Auto Show

    The Shanghai Auto Show brought us once again to China in 2017. This time not only showcasing the Lykan HyperSport, but also for the first time we showcased the Fenyr SuperSport in the country. This show was not marked solely by our hypercars, a global premiere of the W-Motors designed ICONIQ Seven also took place displaying the SPV in its VIP and Premium editions.

    The show was a success with thousands of people visiting the stand including a long list of VVIPs and public figures.

    June 18th 2017

    Eyes on Design in Detroit

    The Lykan HyperSport came for the first time to Detroit in the Summer of 2017. The opportunity couldn't be any better, the "Eyes on Design Automotive Design Exhibition" celebrated its 30th birthday. Exhibited in collaboration with Magna, the Lykan HyperSport was showcased at Edsel and Eleanor Ford's Estate to all the automotive enthusiasts there.

    14th November 2017

    Dubai Motor Show 2017

    In 2017 the Dubai International Motor Show counted with W Motors presence once again, but this time in a different way than usual.
    During the 2017 edition, we were the host for the show's VIP Lounge. Receiving in our private space a plethora of high-profile guests including public figures, royals and other influential individuals in the region.

    29th November 2017

    The Fenyr SuperSport Debut

    This is a very special date for W Motors, all our team and partners worldwide. It marks a milestone in our history: the world premiere of our production trim Fenyr SuperSport. For the first time, our second car was showcased to the public in its final production trim. This took place during a private event with guests including international and regional press, digital influencers and several VVIP guests who flew in specially for this occasion.

    15th December 2017

    The W Motors Flagship opens in Dubai’s City Walk

    The last achieved milestone of 2017 was something in our minds for a long time already, the opening to the public of our W Motors flagship showroom - the W Motors Gallery. Located in a privileged location, the brand new City Walk district, this 7000 square feet space was created around the concept of a W Motors lifestyle - a combination of the best in life: art, automobiles, gastronomy and much more.


    Jan 14th, 2018

    W Motors and ICONIQ Motors sign MOU with Abu Dhabi Motors (14th Jan)

    At the new flagship showroom, the signing of a memorandum of understanding was signed between W Motors, our sister company ICONIQ Motors and noteworthy distributors Abu Dhabi Motors. An authority in the UAE when it comes to the import and distribution of premium vehicles.

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    Jan 18th, 2018

    The Lykan HyperSport is the star of Furious Live

    On the 18th of January, the Live show based on the Fast & Furious saga premiered at the O2 Arena in London. The Furious Red Lykan HyperSport closes the show and steals all the attention with an astonishing action scene including jumps from a plane, constant explosions and a military tank chase right on stage.

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